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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 8, 2012 12:00am-1:05am EDT

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stores now. thanks to her. and thank you for watching abc news. please check in on "gma" in the morning. we're always online at jimmy kimmel's next. good night, everybody. up next on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> i have a flash mob outside in about a half hour, so -- >> edward norton. >> are you a good soccer player? >> no, soccer what you are to pole vaulting. >> everything. >> yeah, everything. >> leighton meester. >> knock three times, whatever you want, just get me out of here. >> music from dead sara. and "unnecessary censorship." >> actually really love the
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okay, this summer, you just got to live for the music. live for the fun, live for now. and now, tomorrow morning, you just got to live for this party in the park. ♪
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counting crows rev up "gma's" summer party in central park. rocking center stage in a live summer concert event. tomorrow, only on "good morning america's" summer concert series, on abc. amplified by pepsi. live for now. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel for "assassin's creed 3", the most anticipated video game of 2012. earlier this week, guillermo did his duty and headed over to the electronic entertainment expo in downtown los angeles to find out what all the hype is about. >> america. it is a place where there are people. people like this guy. and this guy. and these peoples. and this girl. and that girl. and me! no, i'm not an old lady. i'm here at e-3 to play assassin's creed three. let's go, yeah! ahh! ahh! hi, i'm here to learn how to be
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assassin. >> you came to the right place. so, you are an assassin. you are in revolutionary america. we recreated boston, new york -- >> boston like the -- >> yeah, exactly. what you have to do is attack the red colts. there you go. >> oh, ow, that hurtles. where can this guy and me get something to eat? >> you can go to the market, buy anything you want. >> anything? tacos? >> no, i don't think that. >> there were no tacos in the past? >> no, not in 18th century america. >> no? wow! if you don't love this game, you don't love america, right guys? >> usa! uls u. usa! gb assassin's creed three. watch the new trailer at >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live" is back in two minutes with edward norton, leighton meester and music from dead sara. your dog's a contradiction.
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tonight -- edward norton. leighton meester. and music from dead sara. with cleto and the cletones. and now, at last, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. that's very nice. thank you. hi there, i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. [ cheers and applause ] thank you for breaking out your cargo shorts to be here tonight. i have to make this quick, i got a flash mob out jamba juice in about an hour. those of you students or parents, no, the school year is coming to a close. exciting time, especially for
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high school graduates, most of whom after this weekend will never have to read a book again in their whole lives. some kids, the sad kids are headed to summer school. interesting built of trivia i learned today. summer school was started back in the '30s when hitler and satan wanted collaborate on a project together. if you are going to a graduation ceremony this weekend, you might have to be careful. some schools are cracking down on enthusiasm. a mother in south carolina was arrested for cheering too much when her daughter's name was announced at graduation. for real. and a popular football player at a high school in cincinnati still doesn't have his diploma because the school says his family cheered too much and they say they won't give it to him until he or his family completes 20 hours of community service as punishment. for real. they called it excessive cheering. for a football player. don't schools actually encourage
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the female students to put on skirts and wave pom poms and cheer excessively for football players? but i don't know, it seems very unfair to me that they would hold a diploma back because a student is popular. we have the student, anthony is his name, and that is miss mother tracy. they are with us live. now, via skype. hello anthony and tracy. how are you? >> hello, how are you? >> jimmy: i'm okay. well, first of all, explain. your school had a rule this year that there should be no cheering during graduation. did they explain what their problem with cheering was? >> yes. the principal explained to me that he went to a recent, before he was our principal, he is a newer principal this year, so, this year, last year, he went to a graduation and seeing how loud the parents and the friends was about the graduation, couldn't
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hear other people's names, so, basically, he wanted to clear it up, being a new principal of our school, so -- >> jimmy: we have video of the announcement of your name, at the graduation. let's look at that now. >> anthony cornice. james christopher -- >> jimmy: now, that's -- that didn't seem like a ton of cheering to me. who was that screaming, was that you, tracy? was that mom screaming? >> that wasn't me. now, in the beginning, it was me, but the last little scream, that wasn't me., you are just popular, there's nothing you can do about that, right? >> exactly. >> jimmy: now, because your
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family cheered too much, the school is punishing you and holding yourdy phone is a, saying you need to complete 20 hours of community service, as if this was felony cheering or something. and are you going to do this community service? >> no, sir. >> jimmy: good! [ applause ] don't do it. you know, we wanted to speak to anthony last night but he couldn't do it because he had a double shift at the nursing home he works at. for real. the school superintendent actually supported this decision by the principal. does the school super intent den know you work at a nursing home? >> ah, no, sir. >> he doesn't know much. >> reporter: her name is laurie and she looks like a lot of fun. [ laughter ] you know, if laurie had her way, tinker bell would be dead. are you going onto college, anthony? >> yes, sir. >> jimmy: do you need that diploma to enroll?
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>> no, sir, i just need the diploma so i can prove that i graduated, basically. >> jimmy: let me just tell you something. first of all, you'll never look at it again in your whole life, take it from me. so, don't worry about it too much. but i want you to fight this, i mean, do you have an attorney or anything? you have to get this, just for the principle of the thing. >> we've been looking into it right now, basically. >> jimmy: okay, well, now i'm going to ask our audience to give us a long, punishment-free round of applause -- [ cheers and applause ] and everyone -- a big round of boos for laurie handler! [ booing ] well, thank you for talking to us, anthony and tracy. i hope you get the diploma. don't do the community -- don't ever serve the community. the community does nothing for any of us! all right, thank you very much.
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>> you're welcome. >> thank you! >> jimmy: anthony and tracy from cincinnati. by the way, this is why costco sells those huge bales of toilet paper, for people like laurie handler! [ booing ] we can do that every night, you know? in other bad news for our country, a new requality tv show premiered. four bachelors sit with their backs to potential dates, then they hit a button and spin around -- it's like "the voice" meets dating. it's vd, is what they should call it. the first episode tonight featured celebrity bachelors, paulied from "jersey shore," jeremy bloom, romeo and jason cook from "general hospital." at the end of the show, the celebrities turn around, if the girl recognizes any of them, she wins a date. you know, i've always wondered
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if jason cook from "general hospital" would find love and now i get to watch it on primetime television. thank you, fox. the show is -- it's a departure for paulie d. it's not used to meeting a girl on tv and then not having sex with her on tv, also. but even though fox ripped a lot of the concept of the show off from "the voice," the idea of judging people without seeing them is interesting. and now they are taking it a step further with a newer dating show that we made up this afternoon. >> this summer on fox. they can't see. touch. hear. or communicate in any way. how will they find a soul mate? bound by love. thursday nights at 9:00. followed by an all-new gordon ramsay's "your cesar salad is [ bleep ]." [ applause ] >> jimmy: another new day brings us another new story about donald trump.
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he keeps busy. donald trump has unveiled a plan to build a huge 20-acre movie studio in miami that would include a film school and airport. it's called trump studio city. i like the idea of him finally naming some things after himself. if all goes according to plan, it would be one of the biggest movie studios in the world. isn't that -- get ready for great movies like "forest trump." "hair bud." "nut till professor ii: the trumps." "one flew over the rat's nest on my head." "st. elmo's you're fired" and "the combover." i'm going to see that one in imax. this is interesting. this seems trump-esque. do you remember that holographic tupac that appeared at coachella? well, the company that did it called digital domain media group. has announced they are working
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on bringing elvis back to life, as a holdgram. that's great. now, virtual tupac has someone to shoot. [ laughter ] the company is spending millions of dollars to create a likeness of elvis that will do live performances. or you could hire an elvis impersonator for 30 bucks. celebrity impersonators must hate the holdgrams, right? if they come up with michael jackson, there are eight guys on hollywood boulevard that are going to kill themselves. now, we go to the opposite of advance technology, iowa senator chuck grassley yesterday, he was speaking on the senate floor and his cell phone started ringing. he tried to get to it as quickly as he can, but he had trouble turning it off. >> in a few individual cases, it was very troublesome. the domination fell into that category. when i apply the standard that i mention, and the standards which then-senator obama laid out or --
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♪ who let the dogs out ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ who let the dogs out >> when i apply the standards i mentioned -- >> jimmy: he's the one that let the dogs out, it turns out. [ applause ] thank you. thank you. as you may have heard, nadya suleman, also known as the octo-mom, booshged herself a job stripping in florida. it was supposed to happen next month but reports say she's pulled out of the deal. after 14 kids, now she pulls out. [ applause ] can women pull out? you know what i mean. she reportedly canceled the appearance because the employees at the strip club said some things about her she didn't like. but even though she canceled, i'm still going to blind myself just in case. you can't be -- so, the octo-mom will not be appearing nude but if you want to see a desperate
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mother taking her clothes off for money, you'll have to go to any other strip club in america. the l.a. kings and the new jersey devils played game four of the stanley cup finals. the kings led the series 3-0. the fans here in l.a. were hoping for a sweep. didn't happen. the devils won the game. but after the game, kings coach daryl sutter answered questions -- well, kind of answered questions. >> game four is always in this playoffs been somewhat of a problem for you guys, 3-3 when you can close it out. can -- you >> awesome. close out a series in game four. stanley cup finals, game is the very same at the first two games. that's it. [ applause ]
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>> jimmy: there was -- while the game was going on, there was a battle raging outside the staples center last night. charlie sheen was at the game. he stepped outside to smoke a cigarette, but when he finished, a female security guard wouldn't let him back in. once up go out, you can't go back in. and luckily, tmz was on-hand to capture charlie's frustration. >> you know what, [ bleep ] my [ bleep ] [ bleep ], all right? [ blee [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: i thought we lost angry tirade charlie sheen for good, and he's -- if the kings had a sense of humor, they would give his seat to ashton kutcher instead and -- why is charlie sheen always wearing that hat now, by the way? i know he thinks he looks like indiana jones, but he looks more like the guy who on rates the indiana jones ride in that hat. [ laughter ] the new movie "promete yus" comes out tomorrow.
12:19 am
this is the new ridley scott directed prequel to "alien," it's about a space crew that's searching for the origins of the human race and they run into very scary aliens around the way. you only get a brief glimpse but what you do see is unsettling. take a look at this. >> these are ancient civilizations. they were separated by centuries. and yet this was discovered at every one of them. >> what do you mean a life form? >> oh, the head. >> take us home! >> we have to stop it. >> they won't let you go back there. >> the whole thing's been blown out of proportion. [ applause ] >> jimmy: from the plan element element of the really big sun. one more thing. it is time for our weekly tribute of the fcc, where we bleep and blur things whether
12:20 am
they need it or not. it is "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> a bitter battle in a hotly contested primary race today in new jersey. two incumbent democrats are [ bleep ] one another. >> richard dawson could [ bleep ] your wife or daughter and you didn't mind. >> let's talk about rule mores now and a titanic-sized [ bleep ]. >> what people will be talking about was this. >> people living in new hampshire are most likely to suck your [ bleep ]. >> what country has served as a home base for both pablo escobar and the [ bleep ] organization? ♪ >> wow. these guys are [ bleep ] up. what do you make of that? >> my interview here in chicago with the former president bill clinton wasn't just all about politics and [ bleep ]. it was a little bit about family. >> i actually really love the vegan diet, because i love [ bleep ].
12:21 am
♪ i want to [ bleep ] ♪ i want to [ bleep ] >> hard not to love a big three [ bleep ] in a small child. >> we get to [ bleep ]. >> what are you going to do for us? >> i'm going to entertain you. >> do your thing. >> jimmy: we have a great show for you tonight. leighton meester is here. we have music from dead sara. and we'll be right back with edward norton, so stick around. pull on those gardening gloves. and let's see how colorful an afternoon can be.
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>> jimmy: hi there. tonight on the program, from "gossip girl" and starting june 15th, you can see her alongside adam sandler and andy samberg in the new movie "that's my boy." leighton meester is here. and then making their television debut, with music from their self-titled debut album, the band dead sara from the bud light stage. we've got some -- we got new shows for you next week, including primetime nba shows before the finals games. the great martin short will be here, as will cee lo green, jada pinkett smith. from the los angeles dodgers matt kemp. we'll have music from goodie mob and the temper trap. join us next week for the shows, too. our first guest is a two-time oscar nominee who smashed brad pitt in "fight club" and everything else as the incredible hulk. you can see him now alongside bruce willis, bill murray and frances mcdormand in the excellent new wes anderson movie
12:27 am
"moonrise kingdom," it is in select cities now. please say hall local to ello t norton. [ cheers and applause ] jk how are you? >> i'm good, how you been? >> jimmy: doing well. last time you were here, you were training with massai warriors to run in the new york city marathon. >> it's been that long? >> jimmy: yes. in case people don't know what massai warriors are -- there's their traditional ga aal garb. >> can you tell which one is me? >> jimmy: jeans, right? now, they ran with you in the marathon? >> yeah, we ran the new york marathon. one of them beat me. i beat two of them. >> jimmy: that's pretty good. [ applause ] you are lucky to have survived that. >> it was -- yeah, it was a great experience all around. and -- >> jimmy: did they like new york? >> they did. they loved it.
12:28 am
they -- people were so nice to them coming up to them on the street. th of god's must be kind of crazy thing was, they did not understand people picking up dog [ bleep ]. they just didn't -- that blew their mind. >> jimmy: really? >> they thought -- you know, this is civilization? you know, like, it was like -- >> jimmy: they do have a point when you think about it, i guess. >> but the organization we were supporting, which you've been a great supporter of and thank you, is -- went on to win, now, a couple of big international awards from the u.n. and i'm actually going to -- i'm going to see these guys next week in rio for the climate conference. >> jimmy: going to rio, too? >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's crazy. >> i think, like, i keep thinking, like, what -- they are going to have to invent massai words for thongs, you know? they are going to have to, like, how do you go back and describe that to the people --
12:29 am
>> jimmy: they probably just won't believe any of it. yeah. now, you also were in a soccer match what, a week and a half ago, a big celebrity soccer match -- >> yeah, i only play sports for charity. >> jimmy: are you a good soccer player? >> no, no. i mean, look, you know, i'm athletic but i'm -- i'm to soccer what you are to pole vaulting. >> jimmy: to everything. >> yeah, everything. i -- but it was for a good cause. it was for unicef. it's one of the big uk charity events and it raises almost $10 million for unicef, which is -- >> jimmy: i have a photo, there's you and woody harrelson. >> okay, great. so, woody -- >> jimmy: did he know what was happening? >> he's a friend of mip. he talked me into it. two years ago, he scored the winning goal in penalties in front of 70,000 people, they played at the stadium of manchester united.
12:30 am
>> jimmy: wow. >> and woody -- i got the invite and i thought, you know, i'm not really a soccer player. i called woody, i said, what do you think, is it really that fun? and he was like, he was like, oh, let me tell you something, bro, i -- this is like one of the greatest experiences you'll ever have. he was like, other than -- i think he said -- other than the night i smoked a fatty with willie nelson at 7 o'clo:00 and up in a menage -- it was great. he talked me into it. and it is amazing. >> jimmy: they took it pretty seriously. we have a clip here. i saw this -- this is gordon ramsay, the chef, was he on your team or the other team? >> well, that's the thing. it is england versus the rest of the world, but now see, watch this -- >> jimmy: that's not your -- >> so, the guy who hit him was a
12:31 am
former captain for the british national team, but obviously nobody told him it was a charity match, like -- >> jimmy: he even game him a little slap. [ applause ] >> he took out the chef. took out the chef and then -- >> jimmy: if anyone had it coming, it was gordon ramsay, right? >> very possible. >> jimmy: by the way, i love this movie. this is a great movie. just delightful, i think, is the best word to describe it. you did a fantastic job. and the kids are great in it. >> the kids are great. there's a great cast. bruce willis is fantastic. >> jimmy: did the kids know you from other movies? >> i mean, they were the age that they were certainly going to know the hulk. >> jimmy: okay. >> it has itsed a vantage when you are trying to wrangle kids on a set. if a director is having a hard time, they send me in. >> jimmy: you get a little angry. >> there was an intimidation factor, maybe. but they -- you know, they --
12:32 am
most of my movies are not your average 12-year-old fare. >> jimmy: what movie do people recognize you from the most? >> i couldn't say, but there was, you know, there's so many -- i mean, your average jewish grandmother likes "keeping the faith" and then there's, you know, "fight club" set. [ applause ] but there was a kid -- but there was a -- there was a kid, there was one little kid that kept quoting "rounders" to me and i -- >> jimmy: really? >> and kept calling me worm and everything and i was like -- i was looking at him, like, you're the kid who takes the lunch money from the other kids, i can tell. you are trouble. >> jimmy: the little gambling addict in the group. >> you are going to do 7 to 10. >> jimmy: when we come back, we're going to take a look at the new movie. it's called "moonrise kingdom." edward norton is here. we'll be right back. we're testing new degree, the only antiperspirant activated directly by movement.
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to get started. remember, this isn't just a search party. it's a chance to do some first class scouting. any questions? lazy eye? >> what is your real job, sir? >> i'm a math teacher, why? >> what grade? >> eighth. >> ph.d for that? >> lazy eye, no. but we're in the middle of something here in case you didn't notice. one of our scouts are missing and that's a crisis. anybody else? >> what if you resist? >> who? >> him are we allowed to use force? >> this is a nonviolent rescue
12:38 am
operation. your mission is to find him, not to hurt him. am i making myself understood? >> sure. >> yeah. >> good. i'm going to change my answer, in fact. this is my real job. scout master, troop 55. malt teacher on the side. >> jimmy: that is edward norton in "moonrise kingdom." >> kind of blew up. >> jimmy: huge opening in -- >> huge opening and, you know, i was like being in some sort of weird can x-ray world. >> jimmy: i love all of wes anderson's movies, but i think this is one of the best. >> in my generation of filmmakers, i think he's really one of the most original and authentic and making a body of work that's going to make one of the great filmmakers, like woody allen or spike lee. he's a treasure. he's a real treasure. if you haven't caught his films, he is really -- >> jimmy: did you know him? >> we had met in passing. we were -- he wrote me a really
12:39 am
nice letter and i wrote him about "rushmore" when i saw it, some of my favorite films in those years. so, he knew that i was -- i was on-call for him any time he wanted to ring. and what was great was, you could -- the film is about two children, two 12-year-olds who run away from home together, a boy and a girl, to elope. and all the adults who end up chasing them and it's -- it's a very, very sweet and kind of touching story and it's really interesting. i'm noticing that 12-year-old kids, you know, kids, boys and girls are obsessed with it in that way that you get -- and yet their parents watching it are really loving it, too. it's kind of one of those rare films. >> jimmy: it's fun to watch from beginning to tend. everything, visually it's beautiful. and the cast is unbelievable. you have bill murray, harvey
12:40 am
keitel, whom you carried in the fil film. >> i carry with, having the disclaimer, having worked with harvey before, i knew him to be a very dense man. and by that, i don't mean that he's not smart, i mean, he -- some how he's, you know, 5'8" and wakes, like, 240. and there's no fault on him, it's all granite body. so, when wes showed me these scenes where i was going to run around with him on my back and leap over rivers, i said, in the interest of my future charity soccer career, i really think we need to work something out. and so, there was a funny thing. this movie, it wasn't a big budget, so wes and the cinematographer and editor and bill murray and i, we all lived in a house together when we were making the film, so, we would have brek fos and dinner when we came home and bill would be sitting there in his cubs sweatsuit and wes is in his
12:41 am
english robe and ascot and we got debating, how do you simulate carrying harvey keitel? and we came up with coming up with the harvey keitel backpack dummy, a harvey dummy but with backpack straps. >> jimmy: where do they have those? do you get that at walmart? >> no, but it's funny, because wes is very -- he likes everything to be tailor made. but bill murray one morning kind of says, you know, i think that if this film blows up, we should sell a halloween costume of the scout master with the optional backpack dummy, which you could take the head off of and put your candy in -- >> jimmy: that's a great idea. >> i have points on it. >> jimmy: i don't blame you. who has the backpack now? >> i'm sure wes has it. i'll see what i can do. see if i can --
12:42 am
>> jimmy: bring it for a visit. great to see you. you definitely need to go see the movie. it's called "moonrise kingdom" in select theaters now. edward norton, everybody. we'll be right back with lay on this meester. weather. nice weather coming up today through this tuesday. evening. you don't have anything on your calendar for this evening. fantastic..linguica. i found 5 restaurants whose reviews mention linguica fairly close to you. joke. two iphones walk into a bar.. i forget the rest. that's funny. was it something i said? yes it was.
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>> jimmy: hi there, we're back. just months after escaping an ill-fated marriage to the prince of monaco on a "gossip girl," our next guest is a royal fiance again to the future daughter-in-law to adam sandler in the new comedy, "that's my boy." it opens in theaters june 15th. please say hello to leighton meester. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello. >> jimmy: do your friends call you late, lato --
12:53 am
>> lay, leighton. >> jimmy: was it sad that you couldn't find a license plate with your name? >> thanks for bringing it up. >> jimmy: we get into some pretty heavy stuff here, you know? i saw your movie, by the way. very funny. and also very disgusting in a lot of ways, too. >> yes. i'm glad to know you thought that was funny. >> jimmy: did that make you cown fom rtable at all? >> at first, maybe a little bit. >> jimmy: it did, yeah? >> but now it kind of just seeps into my real life and i have to sort of hold back. i make fart noises and cuss words -- >> jimmy: it's changed you for the worst. >> yes. i heard they couldn't even play a clip because it's -- >> jimmy: the movie takes a very, very dark turn. i don't, of course, don't want to say what it is to ruin it, but it's an astonishingly -- >> the entire arc is -- >> jimmy: there's one really,
12:54 am
really dark turn that i'm hoping isn't seeping into your real life. >> no, no. >> jimmy: we'll leave it at that, definitely. so, okay, hey, you didn't happen to live in a house with your whole cast, did you? you got vanilla ice in this movie -- >> no, that would be -- >> jimmy: you wouldn't want to live with him. >> that could be so, so cool. i don't know about living with someone, but yeah, he's -- he's pretty awesome. >> jimmy: tony orlando is in the movie. >> really awesome. i did get stuck in an elevator with him. >> jimmy: with tony? >> so i got to know him really well. >> jimmy: how long? >> it's kind of like living together, right? >> jimmy: it is a brief relationship. >> we were doing the table raend we got stuck in an elevator. me and 11 other people, the director, the lady who plays the grandma who is really amazing. she told us dirty jokes in the elevator. >> jimmy: how long were you in the elevator? >> an hour and a half. >> jimmy: wow. >> it was a really good way to get to know everyone. >> jimmy: nobody tried to climb
12:55 am
out the top? >> tony was -- yeah, he was definitely trying to break his way out. there were police officers opening, i was thinking, yellow ribbon, knock three times, whatever you want, just get me out of here. oh, no, but please, don't do it. >>jimmy: did tony sing for you? >> yes, he did. of course, he always sings. >> jimmy: wow. wow. that's something else. very intimate concert you had there. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you are a singer yourself, i know. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: you have a band? >> i do. i have a band, they're called check in the dark and i just finished up a little tour with them on the west coast. >> jimmy: you heard you recorded with lil' wayne. >> i did. not during this set of the project. i used to make more pop music and, yeah, we met, like -- >> jimmy: how did that happen? >> well -- we met years ago and he ended up calling me at, like, 2:30 in the morning. >> jimmy: how did you exchange telephone numbers with lil' wayne? >> it was actually -- i guess
12:56 am
it's not really -- it's just sort of weird. >> jimmy: it's weird. >> keep in touch. he's actually incredibly well spoken and very knowledgeable -- >> jimmy: reminds me of helen mirren in a lot of ways. >> i was thinking the same thing. and he was like, let's keep in touch and i was like -- okay. and so he called me, 2:30 in the morning, he's like, come to the studio, let's put something down and i happened to have a song called "make it rain" at the time. >> jimmy: he called you at 2:30 in the morning. were you sleeping at the time? >> i had just gotten off of work, actually. >> jimmy: you said, this would be a good idea to visit lil' wayne in the studio? >> yes. i brought friends because i thought this would be a really interesting experience. and it was. >> jimmy: how in friends? >> three or four. a couple of them are back there. it was such an experience. and it's hazy for everyone. >> jimmy: was it literally hazy
12:57 am
in the room? >> you can hear a lighter lighting on the track. i think this would be perfect for lil' wayne, oh, he's calling, let's put him on the track. >> jimmy: will you be working together in the future? >> i don't know if he's going to sing with me in my folk country stuff that i'm doing now. >> jimmy: oh, i see. >> i do wonder what he would think of it, but yeah. >> jimmy: he would think it's great. >> it would be awesome if he rapped on it. >> jimmy: confusing, but awesome, yeah, definitely. and i assume you enjoyed working with adam sandler, though he's typically a monster to everyone he works with. >> i heard that, yeah. he was tough. no. he, god, he's my hero. >> jimmy: he's very crazy in this movie. >> he's over -- like, he's the best i've ever seen him in this movie. >> jimmy: if anyone else behaved like he does in this movie, you'd want to kill them two minutes in, but you don't ever for the whole movie with him. >> he's the only honest person.
12:58 am
>> jimmy: in the world? >> in the movie. >> jimmy: oh, in the movieing osh, you might be right. >> my character starts off as this innocent, nice bride to be and becomes this nut job and, you know, andy's character is kind of lying about his entire existence and he's the only one that's, like, i drink beer and carry around a trash can with porn in it. >> jimmy: he's a wacko right off the gate. this is going to be a big hit. leighton meester, everybody. the movie is called "that's my boy." it opens in theaters june 15th. we'll be right back with music from dead sara.
12:59 am
you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them.
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>> jimmy: this is their self-titled aadebut album. here with the song "weatherman," dead sara. ♪ debut album. here with the song "weatherman," dead sara. debut album. here with the song "weatherman," dead sara. debut album. here with the song "weatherman," dead sara. ♪
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♪ ♪ his skin was soft as leather i'm the weatherman no one else more dedicated ♪ ♪ i'm the weatherman well hey kid you got the right but the choice to kill ♪ ♪ no son of sam will let you in to turn against addicted to the love of ourselves ♪ ♪ i'm the weatherman i tell no one else i'm the weatherman so go for the kill ♪
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♪ cause no one else cares go for the kill go for the kill go for the kill ♪ ♪ go for the kill go for the kill go for the kill go for the kill ♪ ♪ go for the kill his skin was soft as leather i'm the weatherman there's no on else ♪ ♪ worth the dedication i'm the weatherman cause hey kid you got the heart ♪ ♪ without the ache pretentious thieves have you believe it's theirs to take ♪ ♪ addicted to the love of ourselves i'm the weatherman and tell no one else ♪ ♪ i'm the weatherman so go for the kill
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